Derek Kelsall Obituary

Backed by a world of experience on the water, in the boatyard and in the design office.

Kelsall Catamarans was established in Cornwall, United Kingdom in 1965. The company's boat design and boat building operations produced a wide range of craft, all based on the use of PVC foam. Three projects by this company were the largest boats of their type at the time.

We have over 40 years of specialising in catamarans and composites, and developing the KSS (Kelsall Swiftsure Sandwich) custom build process. We are the World Leaders in this field. Kelsall Catamarans Limited now runs its successful office from New Zealand since moving here in 1998.

We celebrate 45 years since Toria won the Round Britain Race!

"KSS - The method every other designer wishes he had invented"!


Kelsall Catamarans can supply either a standard design from our extensive range of power, sailing, racing and commercial boats, or a custom design to suit. Our standard designs range from a 22 ft day catamaran to an 82 ft power/sail. Choose from luxury cruisers, fast cruisers, minimum accommodation cruisers. Lots to choose from in the 22 - 60 ft range.

Our custom designs are usually larger boats, high performance racers and specials. We have experience with power and commercial designs, including 500 passenger ferries. All are equally applicable for KSS build and get the maximum benefit from the KSS process. KSS can be applied to other designs. The KSS technology can be supplied separately, accordingly.


  • I-Land Catamaran. Is there anyone here who would like to have a family boat which can be driven from the land to the water and back under own power? Convenience and safety instead of the usual trailer launch but also to go ashore where ever there is a beach you wish to explore. I-Land Catamarans ltd., joins a small band of amphibious vehicle designers/producers. Read here.
  • KSS workshop. Fifty years after pioneering the use of foam core, fiberglass sandwich and the custom build methods to suit, we have no hesitation to claim to be still leading today with KSS. We hold the KSS workshops from time to time. Interested in building your own catamaran do register your interest - contact us. Building ones own is still one of the most satisfying creative projects an individual can undertake today.
  • Aqua Blue. David Bains, owner and builder of Aqua Blue, launching 40 years ago, tells me that he is on his way to the Mediteranean again after a spell in UK. Read here.
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