KSS 33s

The KSS 33s is a size where space and seaworthiness make it a comfortable family yacht and serious offshore cruiser.

Polyester, Glass, PVC Foam Sandwich is for the full structure and preferably the fit out as well. It gives the best strength to weight and durability at economical cost as well as that overall insulation for comfortable living aboard. Auxiliary power can be outboard or twin inboard. Daggerboards optional.


K S S 33s

Ease of build is a feature of this design. This is a feature claimed for all our boats. There is a difference here though - by keeping the hulls to a minimum and by planning in the design, how the build can be handled in modules, several weeks of work at least can be saved, compared to what we might have done by producing the layout and then the design around it. For example, if the hulls are 4 ft. wide, 5 ft. high before assembly need begin and at this stage they can still be man handled with two people. The saloon and central structure can all be assembled as a separate module before any of the work has to be done off the ground.


There are two approaches to giving headroom in the hulls - one is to carry the c'roof over the hulls and the other is to raise the side deck. In this design the c'roof is carried over the hull. This does restrict the side deck so that two people cannot pass - but in this case we have a relatively easy alternative, which is over the top of the saloon and down steps beside the mast - have just been on such a boat that we built 18 years ago and it is not seen as a restriction in that case.


B'deck clearance is an important feature on any cat. Much less than 2 ft. just does not look right any more. Taking the saloon top too high will not look good either. A feature that we have often used in our designs is a step in the hull into which accommodation and steps can be fitted. This is obviously preferable to lowering the whole of the b'deck. It is effective for headroom across the b'deck, for the first step down from saloon and to fit berths. It can be argued that such a b'deck will suffer less severe impact than one at all one level. Two such options are outlined here. A cross step just in front of the cockpit bulkhead, which gives headroom to walk from side to side and a 2 ft. wide step which gives room for a single berth in the aft cabin. These decisions don't even have to be made immediately. The panels can be made and fitted in place and then the decision made to cut and fit to the appropriate step level or to leave in the simplest form. The basic design has minimum number of panels.

Design No. 211 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Length Overall LOA 10.06m / 34.78ft
Beam Overall BOA 5.87m / 19.26ft
Draft Dft 0.9m / 2.95ft
Displacement D 4t/ 8816lbm
Sail Area 46sqm / 483.30sq.ft
Accommodation 6x
Engines Outboard 9.9hp

Study Plan is available here