KSS 40 Suncat

The KSS 40 Suncat is a well proven model with many happy owners, including Round the World cruisers. Leightweight and simple lay out and equipment, preferably with twin 9.9 O/Bs has been the typical.

Performance has always been a feature of the KSS 40 Suncat design. Regular 200 mile days were reported on one of the Round the World cruises.


K S S  4 0  S u n c a t

The original design goes back to pre-cad days. The flared hull was chosen to give good in hull width for in hull berths, which is the simplest fit out. We have put the design onto CAD and have added to our standard range. An ideal candidate for the Freewing twin rigs.

Lady Jane III is an owner build, it went round the world - living their dream. We have lots of pictures of Jim and Jane's story.

Having spent time aboard, casting a critical eye over this 20 year old design, we found little that we would wish to change. The galley is down, but by clever use of a back rest sliding on a ss tube for that portion of the saloon seating, there is no barrier between the cook and those in the saloon.

Twin diesel sail drives are under the aft berths but work well in this arrangement, with 5ft, wide berth over. At 5.5 tonnes in full cruising trim, she is on her lines with the transoms clear.

Design No. 168 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Length Overall LOA 12.2 m
Beam Overall BOA 7.07 m
Draft Dft 0.96 m
Displacement D 5.5t
Sail Area 78.3 sqm
Accommodation 6
Engines (2x) Outboard 9.9hp

A gallery with KSS40 images can be seen here
Study Plan is available here

Several different versions have been built, one, "Snow Leopard", has been rigged with Aerorig(TM) - see pictures.