KSS 42 Kittiwake

The KSS 42 Kittiwake has standard Kelsall cruising style for owner or professional build using modular assembly, or a KSS kit of parts.

Live aboard and serious offshore cruising is the objective of this design.


K S S  4 2 K i t t i w a k e   K S S - K W 4 2

Design No. 465 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
A new design for KSS build, but closely modelled on many previous, well proven Kelsall designs round 40 foot in length. Daggerboards optional. Twin aft master cabins. Twin diesel saildrives or twin outboards.

Length Overall LOA 12.633 m =41 7/16 ft-in
Beam Overall BOA 6.12 m =20 1/16 ft-in
Max. beam waterline BWL 1.122 m =3 11/16 ft-in
Draft FairBody Dft 0.519 m =1 11/16 ft-in
Draft Dft 1 m =3 4/16 ft-in
Displacement lightship Dls 7.20 t =15873 #
Displacement cruising Dcr 8.22 t =18122 #
Displacement full Dfl 9.23 t =20349 #
Beam Between Hull Centers BCB 4.6 m =15 1/16 ft-in
B'Deck Height BDH 0.8 m =2 10/16 ft-in
Air Draft AD 17.87 m =58 10/16 ft-in
Sail Area 86.6sqm (conventional sail plan)
56.2sqm (freewing twins)
Accommodation 6x

Study Plan is available here