KSS 46 2ma

KSS 462ma, or one of her larger or smaller sisters, is typical of our standard cruising designs. Space, comfort and seaworthy are the objectives, with efficient sail plan for good average speeds on long passages. Ideal for luxury private yacht or charter yacht. A number of alternative layouts are available to suit number of cabins required. This is 3 or 4 cabins, twin diesel sail drives and efficient rig, with fully battened mainsail and small headsail. We have the overhangs at bow and stern in our typical style; the bow over hang providing extra reserve buoyancy and the best chance of running over floating flotsam.

The Modular Assembly (ma) adds efficiency to all aspects of the production, by doing almost 100% of the tasks involved in Custom boat building at a time and in a position where it is readily accessible. On the bench in this case means walking up to the job while standing on the shop floor. In KSS we have the most efficient build method ever devised for the structure. Modular assembly adds another layer of efficiency to the production of the structure but goes on until close to the launch day.


K S S 4 6 2ma

Design Number 312 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
LOA = 14.244m = 46.73 ft.
LWL = 12.881m = 42.26 ft.
BOA = 7.421m = 24.35 ft.
Draft = 1.145m = 3.76 ft.
Displacement = 20240# = 9.2t.
Accommodation 8x
Engines Diesel Saildrive
Daggerboards optional
Main 55.4 sq.m
Jib 25.8sqm

Study Plan is available here