KSS 46MKII, or one of her larger or smaller sisters, is typical of our standard cruising designs. Space, comfort and seaworthy are the objectives, with efficient sail plan for good average speeds on long passages. Ideal for luxury private yacht or charter yacht. A number of alternative layouts are available to suit number of cabins required. This is 3 or 4 cabins, twin diesel sail drives and efficient rig, with fully battened mainsail and small headsail. We have the overhangs at bow and stern in our typical style; the bow over hang providing extra reserve buoyancy and the best chance of running over floating flotsam.

The first two are in build at Ballotta Yacht builders in Peru, and more in negotiation. A shoe mould will be produced for the below waterline portion of the hulls. Part moulds combine with KSS for even greater efficiency when more than one boat are to be built. 50 and 54 foot versions available.


K S S 4 6 MKII (Ballotta Version)

KSS 46 MKII is an updated version of one of Kelsall's standard cruising catamaran (KSS46), professionally built by Ballotta Yacht, aimed at the long distance cruiser, live-aboard or adapted for charter. The convenience of the accommodation lay-out is of particular importance. A couple of single cabins with space for a couple of extras to sleep in the saloon when needed is much more practical for the typical crew. A similar view is taken with the layout of the saloon seating round a fixed table.

In the designer's sailing experience the saloon seating is better designed for general use, including the off-watch catnap, rather than something designed for the rare occasion when everyone is sitting down to a formal dinner. L shaped seating works best, with a couple of captains chairs for the occasions when all want to sit round the table.

We defend our classic style with the forward overhang at the bow. We see it as a safety feature. With so much flotsam in the water the chances of hitting something is fairly high. Most of the stuff that is out there of sufficient weight to cause impact damage is usually at water level. One of my clients had the bizarre experience of having his steering lock up while sailing close to a marina pontoon. The bow hit at 6 kts. The overhang lifted the bows up onto the pontoon. She was pushed back with no more than a deep scratch on each stem.

In the case of KSS 46 MKII same sail plan was used as in KSS46 case but with increased displacement and water line.

Design Number 238 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Length Overall LOA 13.93m
Beam Overall BOA 7.21m
Max. beam waterline BWL 1.42m
Draft FairBody Dft 0.48m
Draft Dft 1.05m
Displacement D 7.8t
Beam Between Hull Centers BCB 5.3m
B'Deck Height BDH 0.68m
Rigging Data:
Area Main Ams 51sqm
Area Jib (Optional)
Area Genoa Ajs 28sqm
Accommodation 8x
Engines Diesel 2x Saildrive 55hp or 2x Outboard 9.9hp
Speed (Kelsall Formula) S 13.0kts
Daggerboards optional

Study Plan is available here