KSS 58 Ballotta

This is a new design, as an extended version of the KSS 54. Space, comfort and seaworthy are the objectives, with efficient sail plan for good average speeds on long passages. Ideal for luxury private yacht or charter yacht. A number of alternative layouts will be available to suit number of cabins required.

The first two are in build at Ballotta Yacht builders in Peru, and more in negotiation. A shoe mould will be produced for the below waterline portion of the hulls. Part moulds combine with KSS for even greater efficiency when more than one boat are to be built.


K S S  5 8 B a l l o t t a

See also KSS 58 MKII.

Design No 241 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Vessel Parameters
Length Overall - LOA - 17.67 m
Length water line LWL 16 m
Common Interval CI 1.6 m
Beam Overall BOA 8.932 m
Draft Dft 1.4 m
Displacement D 15.97 t
Beam Between Hull Centers BCB 6.41 m
B'Deck Height BDH 0.805 m

Rigging Data
Area Main Ams 106 sqm
Area Genoa Ajs 58 sqm

Study Plan is available here