KSS FK49 (FastKat)

The twin hulls of a catamaran are ideal for a trail and sail yacht, providing high stability, minimum weight and good performance.

There are two models for FastKat series: KSS-FK47 and KSS-FK49.


K S S F K 4 9 F a s t K a t

Design No 479 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam). The first version of the vessel is in build in Australia by the owner. Pictures taken during the construction can be seen here.

Length Overall LOA 14.935 m =49 ft-in
Beam Overall BOA 7.962 m =26 2/16 ft-in
Draft Dft 1.9 m =6 4/16 ft-in
Displacement crusing Dcr 8.05 t =17739 #
Displacement full Dfl 8.78 t =19348 #
Beam Between Hull Centers BCB 6.41 m =21 ft-in
B'Deck Height BDH 0.825 m =2 11/16 ft-in
Air Draft AD 20.55 m =67 7/16 ft-in

Rigging Data

Area Main Ams 69.2 sqm
Area Jib Ajs 34.6 sqm
Area Genoa (optional) Ajs 41.4 sqm

Study Plan is available here