KSS P20Fma

KSS P20Fma, F = Fishing, which is the owner's first objective. All these displacement catamarans are excellent performers when operating in tough conditions. They provide a much softer ride than the traditional planing boats used for fishing etc, and they are much more seaworthy.

Modular Assembly means that the design is specifically produced to allow the catamaran's structure to be first produced in three separate modules. Final assembly can be delayed to close to launch date. This approach substantially improves the efficiency of almost all tasks involved.


K S S P 20 F ma

KSS P 20Fma is a general purpose, fishing platform on fast and seaworthy displacement hull design. The smallest so far of our range of simple, outboard powered catamarans. The hulls are enclosed so no chance of swamping.

Design No. 412 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Length Overall LOA 5.965 m =19 9/16 ft-in
Beam Overall BOA 2.3 m =7 9/16 ft-in
Max. beam waterline BWL 0.5 m =1 10/16 ft-in
Draft FairBody Dft 0.314 m =1 ft-in
Displacement D 1.20 t =2641 #
B'Deck Height BDH 0.3 m =1 ft-in
Engines: (1x) Honda 50hp (XL), alternative (2x) Honda 30hp (XL)

Study Plan is available here