KSS P36ma New Caledonia

KSS 36ma New Caledonia is for modular assembly and KSS Build. She is a lightweight, slim hulled, displacement catamaran form which is finding favour with operators for many different applications from private yachts to ferries. The low power required, the space and ride comfort are the main attractions. Shallow draft allows the cat to operate in many areas where other craft cannot go.

Modular Assembly means that the design is specifically produced to allow the catamaran's structure to be first produced in three separate modules. Final assembly can be delayed to close to launch date. This approach substantially improves the efficiency of almost all tasks involved.


K S S  P36ma  New Caledonia

KSS P36ma New Caledonia is ideal for economical cruising and shallow water exploration.

Design No 291 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Length Overall LOA 11.1m; 36.26ft-in
Beam Overall BOA 5.64m; 18.4ft-in
Draft 0.58 m; 1.9 ft-in
Displacement 5.7 t; 12562 #
Engines: Inboard 2x 140hp
Accommodation: 4x
Study Plan is available here