Displacement type luxury cruiser with long range capability. KSS build of power catamarans is just as simple as for sailing catamarans.

The basic style can also function commercially as fishing, dive, tourism boats.


K S S  P 6 1

Design Number 203 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Design Description
This design began as a custom design at a smaller size, onto which we applied the accommodation required. The hulls were then stretched by a couple of meters. This is the ideal approach for a serious offshore performer, as required here. We looked closely at the slim hull advantages. Our conclusion is that ultra slim hulls, which slice through the waves effectively can only be applied to ultra light weight vessels. The accommodation has been arranged to allow the bride-deck to be raised forward to give that extra clearance when heading into the waves. Designed for 20-25 kt performance and 2000 mile range. We think the traditional style suits. For KSS construction.

Length Overall LOA 18.70m / 61.35ft
Beam Overall BOA 7.7m / 25.26ft
Draft Dft 1.00m / 3.28ftm
Accommodation 8

Engines: (2x) 180hp

Study Plan is available here

K S S  P 6 1 . 1

Design Number 481 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Design Description
This design is in build at Ballotta Yachts.

Length Overall LOA 18.766 m =61 9/16 ft-in
Common Interval CI 1.8 m =5 14/16 ft-in
Beam Overall BOA 7.7 m =25 4/16 ft-in
Draft Dft 0.9 m =2 15/16 ft-in
Displacement crusing Dcr 24.14 t =53218 #
B'Deck Height BDH 1.1 m =3 10/16 ft-in
Kilogram per cm immersion KPC 477.04 Kg/cm

Engines (2x) Volvo D4
Engine Crankshaft HP 300 hp
Speed Crusing (Kelsall Formula) S 21.2 kts

Study Plan is available here