There is only one word to describe the accommodation; "spacious". Space both in plan area and in headroom. With her 35 foot beam, the wheel house entirely above the main accommodation and the flying bridge above that she is a large yacht by any standards. The 6m by 5m wheelhouse is also a second saloon.

Circular stairs go from main saloon to wheel house and from wheel house to fly-bridge. The owners cabin is vast by most standards. The two guest cabins, Captain's and crew cabins are all extremely comfortable.


K S S  P 8 2

Design Number 217 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
Design Description
Here we have a power catamaran where the power performance has been the main determining factor in the design. Though no attempt has been made to produce efficient all round sailing in all conditions she does have plenty of stability to stand up to the sail plan. When the conditions suit and the schedule allows, the sails will provide silent propulsion. At many other times the sails will combine with the engine power for some really good motor sailing speeds. The important factor in the design have been practicality. This approach has brought us to a style which works and works well, rather than attempting to fit the layout to a particular style.

To truly attain the 'best of both worlds' is rare. When the objective is to combine sailing with good power performance, the catamaran configuration comes close to it. The widely spaced, slim catamaran hulls provide the stability to carry a sail plan and the slim hulls provide low resistance and good sea-keeping qualities for performance under power. Some compromise obviously applies. The weight of engines and fuel will slow the sailing and the weight and windage of the rig will affect the power performance but to a lesser extent than the typical motor sailer mono. The Power Sailing catamaran is perhaps the best way to get around on the water efficiently and be able to enjoy both speed under power and sailing.

We have designed a few larger cats and tris but this is the first in this style. The project brought Derek Kelsall round the World to New Zealand over 10 years ago.

Length Overall LOA 25.10m / 82.35ft
Beam Overall BOA 11.00m / 36.09ft
Draft Dft 1.50m / 4.92ft
Displacement 53.00t / 116812 lbm
Accommodation 11

Engines: Twin Cummings 450c

Study Plan is available here