The requirement for this design was for good performance, on an economical budget. The first was designed to take part in a solo Atlantic Race, but is also suitable for family cruising.

Simple to build as a one off using KSS construction - THE most effective custom build method to produce a light weight structure.


K S S  R 3 0

Design No 251 (Composite construction E-Glass and PVC foam)
The KSS R30 is in no way an extreme racer. She is not going to take on the latest all whistles and bells catamarans on the race course. No exotic materials are planned and fairly standard equipment will be used. The performance will come from keeping the all up weight light. The sail plan is not extreme either. Tall rigs immediately add weight and cost to all the gear that goes on board. The plan is to rotate the mast for better efficiency but this can be done without adding undue complication.
Resin infusion, standard to KSS build, ensures that there is no excess resin in the laminate and makes the whole job a lot more pleasant to undertake.
All parts of the structure are foam and unidirectional glass. By using a sandable gel coat on the table, the boat can be painted and have a great finish by sanding the gel coat, which removes any print through from the pressure of RI and then painting.
The flared hulls provide good space within the hulls. The solid decking between the beams is the perfect working platform as well as great for day sailing with friends and family.
Add a tent over the solid platform for lots of holiday living space.

Length Overall LOA 9.20m / 30.19ft
Beam Overall BOA 6.34m / 20.80ft
Draft Dft 1.29m / 4.23ft
Displacement D 2.00t / 4408lbm

Sail Area 93.00sqm / 998.82sq ft

Study Plan is available here