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May. 2016 - I-Land Catamarans ltd., joins a small band of amphibious vehicle designers/producers.

Is there anyone here who would like to have a family boat which can be driven from the land to the water and back under own power? Convenience and safety instead of the usual trailer launch but also to go ashore where ever there is a beach you wish to explore.

I-Land is based on a wide beam catamaran arrangement, where most are based on deep V power boat hulls. In the field of Amphibious vehicles, which are not aimed for use on the road, there is really only one name in the picture. Sealegs which is also NZ based and the only company who can claim sales success with more than 1000 sold into more than 40 different countries. Our objective is to promote I-Land into that picture. The company is designing an 8m model and making plans for its production. A custom design service for a range of sizes and applications is also in place. The only limit is the imagination. Uses can be seen where ever boats go afloat. For me, this is perhaps the most exciting and challenging project of my career. For a simple illustration of how it works, check out this link to a video on dropbox.

Catamarans are the craft of choice across the board and electric power is in Vogue at this time. I-Land's simpler engineering and lower power requirements to operate the systems uses battery power. A silent, eco friendly, all electric model is an option.

Anyone who would consider taking an interest, please contact for further information contact us.

Aug. 2013 - Kelsall Catamarans newsletter.

We have a few interesting items to report at this time:

  • Twin Rigs. 8 twin rigs are sailing, in build, designed or in design stage.
  • A refinement to KSS hull shaping. For the past 20 years KSS has used dart cuts, from the keel line across the round bilge area in order to achieve the compound curvature.
  • Latest KC Launched boats.
  • Latest KC news about the boats in built around the world.
  • Amphibious 4 wheel drive catamarans.
  • XK Trail catamarans.
  • KSS Workshop.
  • See full details here...

    SOLD Feb. 2011 - FOR SALE - Kelsall Powercat KSSP33 Kaiviti Kat see specifications

    10 metre semi displacement power catamaran, built to and in survey, powered by 2 x 60hp Etec outboards, top speed 20 knots, cruise 15 knots, very economical and comfortable, draft 300mm, beam 5 metres, 2 double and 1 single berts, modern with many extras. PRICE: NZ$195,000 - will consider trades on boats or property. PHONE: 027-4174025 (New Zealand)

    Latest News, Update and Plan Price Offer Here




    N E W S

    May. 2016 - Aqua Blue.

    David Bains, owner and builder of Aqua Blue, launching 40 years ago, tells me that he is on his way to the Mediteranean again after a spell in UK. Sailed at least 3 months of every year since launch, with no structural issues and relatively little maintenance needed. The materials spec has not changed since with nothing in the structure to rot. No sign of deterioration of all foam and fiberglass has ever been seen. Resin infusion and the full length table have vastly improved the lot of the KSS custom boat builder today.

    May. 2016 - Ballotta Peru.
    Ballotta in Peru continue to undertake custom build projects, offering best quality and best prices. New designs are being added. A 46ft. Power cat and a new project is an update of our KSS45s performance sailor are the latest.