KSS Boat Building Workshops

KSS is a boat building method. Like all good innovation, it is relatively simple to understand and to put into practice, which is confirmed by the range of comments that reach us daily, like "elegant but so simple"

There is a lot at stake for someone deciding to build their own catamaran. We understand that some may become more cautious when coming to make that final decision on which way to build.

The KSS workshop is the answer to this concern. Those who come and get the hands on experience are left in no doubt. KSS is the best custom build method. Achieve full structures, without compromise of quality and with materials savings, in half the time of the typical custom build. It is also easy to see why when making a comparison.

Those who attend the workshops (along with those already using KSS) express their satisfaction with comments like, "exceeded our expectations" & "the only way to build".

Those attending range in experience from professional boat builders, to owner builders with several projects behind them, to complete novices. All who attend are left in no doubt that KSS is the way to build.

A typical workshop will produce one hull panel on the first day, a second hull panel on the second day and the hull is shaped on the third. KSS applies to all sizes, with significant gains at the larger sizes. Contact us if you wish to host or attend a workshop and get your project off to a great start.

N E X T  W O R K S H O P S

Workshops expected for year 2014:

Lenoir City, Tennessee, 11-14th September 2014. Lead by Derek Kelsall.


Steve has his three modules near complete. Each hull has been finished and painted, inside and out, with tanks, batteries, plumbing, electrics etc., etc., installed. Decks are ready to go on, if not already on. The central main accommodation unit is well fitted out if not quite complete. Two wing masts and the strut connecting the KCR rig are done, but details to add.

This is a very good time to visit and see just what is involved. Bob has one half hull complete and is about to start more infused parts. Bob has a different layout, looking for an even simpler catamaran. You will see the KSS mold table and all that is involved in Resin Infusion. You may get chance to help make parts or shape parts. You could even be put to work on the more onerous task of sanding and finishing or hand laminating – but there is only for a fraction of this compared to any other technique.

THE LOCATION. Lenoir City, Tennessee.

This is the ideal spot. The boat shop works well for this size of catamaran, with other undercover storage and outside space. There is even a covered tennis court right there. All around is rolling green fields.

Contact to arrange dates etc., to suit.

For details about both workshops contact us.

P R E V I O U S  W O R K S H O P S

See details of previous workshops here.

Denver, Colorado, 25-28th August 2011. Lead by Derek Kelsall, hosted by Jonathan Chaikin. We prepared a photo album from this workshop here.

Pensacola KSS Workshop Group with Panel in Florida, September 2008 KSS Workshop Report on multihulldynamics.com

See the 2008 KSS Workshop featured on New Zealand's Sailing Magazine crew.org.nz. Thanks to David Howie for coming and checking out KSS for himself. Articles are updated daily on the site. The KSS article is dated 3.4.08