Custom Design Package

When you choose a Kelsall Catamarans' design you receive individual attention. We work with you to meet your needs and provide you with the necessary information. With our start-up assistance, from ourselves, or one of our independent global KSS contacts, your project can receive the right guidance, usually delivered within a few days. Projects requiring project management can also be discussed. Lots to choose from in the 22 - 60 ft range.

Whether it is one of our standard designs, a custom design, or a design for commercial purposes, KSS is applicable for any build and we have experience with these designs. We use variable geometry and find catamarans from Canal to Amphibious, can benefit from this facility. KSS is also the ideal way to start any new production model. Sail away assured that with a Kelsall Catamaran design you are among esteemed company.

C U S T O M  D E S I G N S

Kelsall Catamarans can supply a custom design to suit. Whether Yacht or Commercial.

We welcome custom design enquiries and are happy to provide quotes.

Our continued involvement during the entire build process means that specific details can be discussed at any stage and can be added to the plans to meet requirements for your particular design.

With all designs you will receive a
- KSS instruction booklet and DVD.
- Resin infusion instruction booklet.
- KSS hull cookbook. Every step described in sequence.
- Materials and equipment list.
- Written specification.
- Full consultancy during build, by email or phone, on matters of structure and normal fit-out.