Study Plans

Kelsall Catamarans can provide Standard Study Plans or Extended Study Plans for your requirements, in general, any details that might help you to take a decision.

DVDs and CDs are available where resin infusion and KSS method is explained.

S T U D Y  P L A N S

KSS Study Plans

The main purpose of the Study Plans is to help our customers to choose a suitable vessel. Please study the KSS projects list, choose a project or two that might be close to your requirements and contact us about them. We will happily send you by email, for free, pdf files with a general arrangement, profile view, renderings etc. If you give us some more details, like the intended use, range, number of passengers etc, it will help us understanding better your requirements and we will be able to advice you accordingly.

A printed version of some of the study plans is available and it can be mailed to you. This printed version contains some more details than the pdf version and the price of the study plan will be deducted from the price of full stock design, if you decide to buy one later.

For custom designs we can prepare extended study plans which can contain materials list, specifications, 3D models, 2D plans (general arrangements, sail plans etc) any details that allow you to get a meaningful quote from your chosen boatbuilding company. The price of the extended study plan will be deducted from the price of the full design. Contact us about the price of extended study plans.

If you intend to build the vessel by yourself, we strongly advice you to have a look at KSS DVDs and CDs. It contains a movie of a full workshop where the KSS method is demonstrated; it will help you understand better the KSS boatbuilding requirements.

P L A N   P R I C E S   A N D   K S S   K I T S

Plan Prices

If you decided for a stock design but you would like to make some changes, we would happily change the plans for you. Usually, if the changes are small (say, like a different General Arrangement), changes can be done without any charge. If the changes involve important modifications of the structure of the vessel, then new calculation might be required and we might have to ask you for a supplementary fee (just ask us, you might be surprised).
Discounts are often offered on some designs.

See please Kelsall Catamarans Plan Price List here.


Kelsall Catamarans is happy to liaise with your chosen kit producer about your design. Our design fees and any shipping costs are not included in the kit price.