KSS 70

We enjoy hearing and reading what other people have to say about Kelsall Catamarans.

Below is a selection of ones that we think hit the mark. There's also a link to the full range of quotes we've kept.



This is a very small selection of the feedback we get on what we do.

"Although my experience is nowhere as extensive as yours Derek, I totally agree with the performance of foam sandwich vs. other core materials. In my many years in boat repair I have seen other cores and non-cored construction fail and/or permanently distort where PVC foam sandwich has maintained structural integrity and many times the finish as well. I have diagnosed several very sleek trailerable power boats as the cost of repair costing more than the value of the craft , hulls, decks, & bulkheads, made with balsa core". Patrick

Liviu - "excellent drawings". Cal.

"In the used boat market foam sandwich is the 'gold standard'". Paul

"I talked with the surveyor just before I got on the plane this evening. He said its once in 10 years that he gets to tell someone such glowing observations. The boat is incredibly well built and maintained. No serious faults that I can't fix over the weekend". Don.

"I have looked at many multihull designs and consider you are the best; for too many reasons to mention:- you sail your designs a lot, they strike one with common sense, they have an excellent reputation, they are not too complicated to build, they are strong…". - guy teacher - girls school

"Derek, Jo Djubal submitted the interview article she had with you... and I simply have to write and comment about it! She did a fantastic job of it! I've been warming this editor's desk chair for a long time - and few things manage to impress me by now - her interview with you DOES!!! … " Ava B. Multihulls Magazine

"Well the first KSS 46 by Giorgio Balotta and the Team at Balotta Corporation turned out beautiful. They really build a nice boat and their quality is second to none. I commissioned the boat with Karl Joyner in a few days in Peru and we sea trialed her a few times before leaving. It is a great vessel and a nice design. Really liked the boat!" US Spar maker. Peter L.





"Looks too easy to be true".

"Even I could do that".

"It is like turning the light on".

"One has to have built boats the hard way to fully appreciate KSS".

"Elegant but so logical. Logical but so simple".

"I found more new and exciting but very practical ideas on your site than on all the others put together".

"I have been researching for my catamaran project for 18 months. Your site is 100 times better than the next". BB.

"I had seen KSS but I was attracted by what I saw as lovely curved topside shapes. I built. Those shapes lost their appeal very quickly as the weeks and months went by. I now appreciate what you were saying. My next will be KSS". PD.

"I have searched for a trailer cat for a long time. Your beam system is light years ahead of the rest. PR.I have searched for a trailer cat for a long time. Your beam system is light years ahead of the rest". PR.

"I worked with strip for a few months. This convinced me that strip planking is a good method for building plugs for moulds but a very stupid way of building (production) boats". Jim.

Kittiwake - Wheel Chair. "It is uncanny how close your design is to what I had in mind. My concern was that, what I was after was so far from the "conventional" design that it was actually impossible. Obviously it is not. Other than the internal layout, you have drawn 'my boat'. All I can say is that I am mightily impressed! If even half of the promises are true, it seems like the fastest and simplest way to construct the boat we are dreaming of". Andrew.

First of all let me thank you for organising such a wonderful workshop. I had one of the best weekends I've had for a very looong time and learned an enormous amount. I only hope my enthusiasm didn't get in the way too much. Derek is an amazing man with some amazing ideas". Jim