KSS Custom Boat Builders are Available Throughout the World

The following is a list of Custom KSS Builders that we can recommend.

We also have a page of KSS owner builders and are keen to hear and see your stories and pictures.

KSS Custom Builders

Ballotta Catamarans, Peru
Highest quality and reliability. Competitive prices and proven track record. Any size. KSS 39, 46, and 58 footers can be seen. You can have all the sytles, quality and reliability of the production cats, from major producers, with more performance, for half the price.

Yellow Sea Yachts, China
KSS custom builder. KSS 54 footer in build. Facilities to build up to 25m's.

GHI, Korea
High quality Aluminium builders. Any size.
See pictures of first 43ft Aluminium build

Bader Catamarane. German Boat and FRP mouldings manufacturer
Kits or full KSS construction available

Tarifa 40, Spain
Production KSS 40 footer.

KSS Owner Builders

KSS P20 Fma. Engine Trials in Paeroa, New Zealand 2008
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