KSS Independent Contact List

We have listed the people that you can contact to dicuss your project or anything about KSS. These are boat people who love to talk boats. The total experience of this group is immense.

Those listed have a lot of information and know-how between them and can recognise something better when they see it. Make contact with them and get an independent opinion.


Arlee Design

ArleeDesign is a new company established in 2012 by Liviu and Oana Armeanu with the intention of providing houseboats and small craft designs. And not by chance (Liviu is part of Kelsall design team), the majority of designs will be composite and will be KSS! From their website arleedesign.com: “Our flagship products are houseboats and floating structures near or onto the water. The houseboat designs we create focus on the possibilities of water not only as viabile living or working space but also as an exploring and adventure opportunity. Houseboats as a way of life!”

Pip Muir
Loveland, Colorado

Ph (910) 2073338

Pip is a Kiwi boat builder who operated Thin Air Boat Repair for a number of years. She hosted the third KSS workshop in Loveland, Colorado. The first six months of 2007, she spent in Shanghai where she put together a KSS P39 power catamaran. Her job there included instructing a large workforce in the KSS procedures on top of overseeing the boat building. During 2009 she oversaw the build of the KSS 11m mono hull in Merida, Mexico. Talk to Pip about any aspect of building KSS designs.

Alice Castanheira and Edgard Malta
Marine engineer and experienced drafts person (respectively), Sao Paulo, Brazil

Alice and Edgard spent a year involved with both designing and building using the KSS methods. Both are fluent in English and Portuguese. They are in a position to assist anyone on the S. American continent in any aspect of building KSS catamarans. You will enjoy talking to either of this friendly couple.

Rob Denny
Designer from Western Australia

Most people involved with multihulls will know Rob for his proas. When I first invited Rob to join us at a workshop a couple of years back, his response was that "he was not about to pay to help build someone else’s boat". Talk to him today for a view of KSS, which comes as a result of applying KSS to a 15m hull for his own proa. This is the first non Kelsall KSS built and has been interesting and enjoyable for us. We look forward to more like this.

Andrea Krake
Bader Catamarane e.K, Germany

Ph 0049 0 3490165170

Burkhard Bader began selling plans and building a few Kelsall cats about 30 years ago in Kiel, after first building his own Kelsall 39 cat. Having sold his business, which was primarily involved with work which started as panels on a large mould table, Burkhard is seeking new fields. His business is up and running very well, now with advanced engineering capabilities. If you would just like to talk or to get assistance, make contact. Spoken languages: English, German, Russian. Written Languages: English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French.


Giorgio Ballotta
Ballotta Catamarans, Peru

Although exceedingly busy in running his successful boat building business in Peru, Giorgio always seems to find time to talk to others. His comment on KSS is that it has transformed his business. The quality, the value and the reliability he has demonstrated to date is "second to none ", to quote an independent observer. Call whether you need a price for a finished catamaran or just to talk to someone who is using KSS to its best advantage. Languages – English, Spanish and Italian.

Rudolf Vol Burg

Rudolf came half way round the World to see KSS at the Coffs Harbour workshop. Another man who talks our language and a man you would want to have alongside you in any build project. Plenty of experience and tells me he likes the ongoing refinement situation we have with KSS. After just one week in Coffs, I have no hesitation in recommending Rudolf for almost any boat project. He is now our representative in Holland and hopefully kits or full build will be available in the future.

Shanghai, China

Ryan is Chinese, but fluent in English. He has been the main contact during the build of the KSS P39 and Pip’s interpreter for most of the six months in build in Shanghai. A university teacher but with the experience of building from our first visit to seeing the complete boat take shape.

Liam Kelsall
Kent, UK

Derek's son Liam has spent time designing, building and sailing Kelsall cats. Has built own KSS projects – in UK, The Sechelles and Vienna. Involved in the construction industry for last dozen years. Not right up to date on resin infusion and the latest shaping process except from our reports.

Jim and Jane Horner

Owners and builders of KSS Suncat 40. Living their dream of sailing around the world.

Tom Hales
Designer, Tacoma, Washington

Ph 2539527331

Tom has been with us on a number of occasions in the US since 2000, he has hosted workshops and he has built a KSS 39. Tom is happiest when he is solving boat building problems. He might be persuaded to give you a hand in getting started on your project.