KSS Kits

We are proud to offer KSS's unique advantages to our clients. Those clients range from the most experienced professionals to the novice building their first boat. KSS is the method of custom boat building which is applied to all Kelsall and non-Kelsall designs.

Having pioneered the use of foam/fiberglass sandwich construction, Kelsall Catamarans has c ontinued to develop and refine the use of these materials. KSS is the only build method to have ever been subject to regular development and is more efficient than any alternative.

K S S  K I T S

KSS Kits are flat panels for all structural parts that are required and usually made by the boat builder.

The KSS Kit approach sees each part being made on a mould table. KSS foam kits, CNC cut, are a neat and attractive way to work, but do not offer huge time savings. KSS can be combined with other custom methods if some complex parts are essential.

There are no strict limitations or boundaries to KSS. Every build project can benefit in some way from KSS know-how.