Shaping of KSS Hulls

KSS is the method of custom boat building which is applied to all Kelsall and non-Kelsall designs.

KSS is the only build method to have ever been subject to regular development and is more efficient than any alternative.

K S S  S H A P I N G

The KSS method can be applied to all custom composite catamaran building. There is no limit on size, type or application. This includes both pleasure and commercial craft. The skill level required for KSS is less than for conventional building.

Composites are used for all parts of the structure. Foam and fibreglass have become the preferred materials for almost all such projects in both series production situations and custom building. KSS is specifically developed for these materials over many years. Take a flat panel, lay it onto 11 simple frames which are positioned to locations marked on the panel and with the addition of a few short cuts and grooves, we pull it to the final hull shape. KSS replaces miles of strip with a few short cuts to achieve the same effect. Even the largest hulls are completed without the boat builder moving off the shop floor.

The round bilge displacement hulls are preferred for a smooth ride and produce the least full resistance. Hard chine planing hulls can use the same process. Depending on the particular circumstances and project, there is a choice of shaping method.

Half hull shaping produces half the hull starting from one flat panel. It is basically a cut and tuck process. KSS Pressure Shaping, uses the properties of the Linear Airex foam and pressure from an air bag to assist in the process.

The provision for joining, other edge treatment such as deck edge radius, the capping of openings and the production of recesses for windows and other fittings are all done on the table, where they are the most efficiently done. Some finishing can also be done on the table.

The use of bonding to assemble is much more efficient and reliable using bonding materials, such as Pelxus, to replace the usual laminating in place.

Torture ply and KSS hull shaping have nothing in common. The compound curvature is achieved by using short dart cuts and nothing is forced or stretched unduely. KSS allows the shape to take place. Dart cuts are opened if they close down hard. This way there are no built in stresses in the final hull. The panel is allowed to fully cure before shaping. Where there is a tendency for the bend to extend into the topside area, the KSS design encourages this by the placement of the inside skin before shaping and by the length and position of the dart cuts.

Booklet Explaining KSS Boat Building