KSS Materials

KSS is the method of custom boat building which is applied to all Kelsall and non-Kelsall designs.

KSS is the only build method to have ever been subject to regular development and is more efficient than any alternative.

K S S  M A T E R I A L S

The KSS materials are composite skins (glass polyester or vinylester resin) on PVC foam core.

Expoxy can be substituted but adds cost and toxicity.

No other core material has the ideal properties, the durability and the tremendous versatility of PVC Foam. PVC Foram is described as the 'Gold Standard' on the second hand market.

The common core alternatives being endorsed by a surprising number of designers do not match foam on any count, particularly on durability or versatility.

A materials summary is available on any design study plan.

Build Instructions, included with any boat plan, provides a full check list of materials and tools.

The Core of the Sandwich

Booklet Explaining KSS Boat Building